Parkit Voyager Chair

Current outdoor chairs were cheesy, boring and lacked real purpose. The client wanted to create a product that would be a symbol of exploration and bring people from all walks of life together to share their stories of adventure; a chair with a purpose.


Parkit Movement


Recreational Products

The opportunity

Steven and Lauren came to us in the fall of 2018 with a dream of upgrading the classic lawn chair. The couple’s taste for adventure and desire for nostalgic and durable gear gave our team the perfect jumping off point. Together with the Parkit team, we designed, engineered and now manufacture their signature Voyager Chair.

The Voyager Chair is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum tubing, durable polyester webbing, has a built in insulated cooler and can be carried with no hands. One of our favorite parts about working with the Parkit team is their desire to consistently improve their product. Our team believes that designs are ever evolving.

Getting products into customer's hands is the only way to learn and refine and tweak and perfect.

“What finalized my decision to work with Klugonyx was the passion, confidence, and drive they had for my product and my dream. Jason was the 1st supporter of my product on Kickstarter. We launched at 4am and he woke up specifically to be our very first customer.”