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The Dream-Maker Team

Our small team packs a big punch, taking on every challenge that’s thrown at us with gusto, and treating every project with care as if it were our own. So, let’s collaborate. Let’s create, let’s imagine and let’s solve some problems together.

U.S. Team

Jason Klug
(The Bossman)
Allysa Rowland
Director of Operations
(Dog Petting Intern)
Cameron Sincich
VP of Global Operations
(The Sorcerer)
Brendan Garlinghouse
Financial Controller
(Mr. Money Bags)
Hunter Finlay
Director of Business Development
(John Mayer Fanboy)
Austin Moss
Business Development
(Caffeine Connoisseur)
Kim Vincent
Office Administrator
(Chief Happiness Officer)
Izzy Gonos
Lead Designer
(VP of Snacks)
Ed Packer
Lead Engineer
(Power Nap Prodigy)
Lisa Olchevski
Industrial Designer
(Product Picasso)
Reis Henriksen
Industrial Designer
(Director of Pencil)
Luke Gonos
Product Engineer
(The SolidWorker)
Cole Fackrell
Sr. Project Manager
(Disney Dad)
Josh Gandy
Project Manager
(The Asana Assassin)
Cora Egolf
Project Manager
(The Tea Collector)
David Dina
Project Manager
(The Chipotle Courier)
Dani Mickelson
Project Manager
(The Dehydrated Detective)
Richard Yeboah
Accounting and Finance Intern
(Fifa Superfan)

China Team

Donny So
General Manager
(VPF - VP of Fun)
April Lou
Production Director
(CN Wonder Woman)
Steel Wong
(Quality Manager)
(Ice Cube)
Joanna Ou
HR Partner
(Spicy Lady)
Liz Li
Senior Production Manager
(Spartacus the Female)
Coey Huo
Senior Production Manager
(Panda Professor)
Amy Wong
Senior Production Manager
(Snack Queen)
Pietr Mikkelsen
Production Manager
(Pietr Mikkelsen Don of Dongguan)
Bruce Chen
Production Manager
(The Cat Napper)
Pep Zhou
Production Manager
(Coffee Bean QC)
Celine Zhang
Junior Production Manager
(Miss China Beauty)
Pheobe Huang
Logistics Manager
(River Heroine)
Vicki Xiao
(The Negotiator)
Jessica Lu
(Drummer Collector)
Jim He
(The Tambourine Man)
Olay Yip
(Erhu Terminator)

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