Dorai Home

We have had the pleasure of designing, engineering and manufacturing every product in the Dorai Home line. We’ve helped grow their product line from their single Bath Stone on kickstarter to a 40+SKU brand valued at over 30 million dollars.


Dorai Home



The opportunity

Dorai’s brand is built on being environmentally friendly, yet their products provide an elevated and minimal solution to any areas of a home that get wet. Most of their products incorporate a natural material called diatomaceous earth that is naturally mold resistant and dries in seconds. We love working with the Dorai team because their products challenge us to solve complex issues that appear minimal in solution.

Existing dish pads and racks on the market supported old paradigms of dishwashing. Research showed most of what common dish racks hold (plates, cups, utensils) go in the dishwasher while pots, pans and delicate items are what really needed to be supported with a dish drying system Plus, traditional dish racks were ugly and clearly only utilitarian. The client wanted to literally freshen up the dish washing process.

“Dorai products are made from Diomat (diatomaceous earth), an organic material that expels moisture as it hits the surface, helping prevent mold in the damp spaces of your home. Created by designers and problem solvers with an aversion to dirty environments, Dorai helps homes stay cleaner with natural, stylish solutions.”