Busy Baby

Beth, a veteran and Mom of 2, came to us originally with her idea to help busy parents. She wanted create a multi-use mat for babies to help them eat, learn, play and stop them from constantly throwing things on the ground.


Busy Baby


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The opportunity

Bringing Beth and Eric's ideas from sketch to baby hands gets better with each product they come up with. We designed, engineered and now manufacture not only her original mat but multiple other mats and sensory utensils. We’ve had the pleasure of developing all of the products in the Busy Baby line with Beth and Eric.

Busy Baby's products are simple and functional yet funky and playful. Their mats can be stuck to tables, windows, plane tray tables, refrigerators, bath tub walls and more- you name it! Working on products that makes parent lives easier and baby lives more enriched is an A-Plus in our book!