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Your product, engineered for success.

We turn designs into reality through purposeful engineering that keep sustainability and manufacturability at the front of mind.

The Klugonyx engineering process keeps sustainability and manufacturability top of mind.

Collaboration: the blueprint for engineering success

Our capabilities blend technical know-how with creative problem-solving, crafting ideas into prototypes, and prototypes into products. Our engineers have the expertise to translate ideas into manufacturing ready products.

Our Engineering Process

Initial CAD

Here is where our engineers can get their hand's dirty. We will dive into the details of the design and give birth to a 3D model that’s sole purpose is to give new insights into functionality and manufacturability.

Initial CAD drawing.


In this phase we take those 3D models and turn them into prototypes that you can touch, feel, and interact with. This allows us to test a wide range of variables like form, ergonomics, functionality, sizing, and materials.

Product engineering prototyping.

CAD Refinement

We then implement what we learned from the prototypes into the new CAD Models. Here is where we define all the materials colors and mechanisms of your product. This step results in a final model that is ready and prepped for success in the next phase.

CAD refinement example.
Our Expertise

We have dipped our toes into many different materials. From food grade silicone, to aerospace grade metals, and everywhere in between.

Tradeshow booth.

Whether you’re looking for 3D printing, cut & sew, or injection molding, we’ve got you covered. We pride ourselves on knowing the best ways to bring your idea to life.

Injection molding
Blow molding
Compression molding
Cut and sew
Extrusion molding
Additive manufacturing
Processes Klugonyx follows.

We love becoming experts in all industries. If we haven’t already worked in your industry, we would love to start!

Baby & Toy
Home Goods
Sporting Goods
Health and Wellness
Space Travel
Industries Klugonyx serves.

What's next?

Once we have the final CAD and prototypes, we are ready to move into manufacturing. This is where we source factory partners, receive samples for approval and start producing your products!

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We approach each project differently based on the industry, materials, target user and budget. A quick call with one of our product development specialists is the best way to understand what’s best for your success.

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