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Contract manufacturing made simple.

No speed bumps, just full speed ahead. Save time, money, and ensure success with a boots on the ground production partner.

Our team of experts works for you to ensure production quality.

Our team works for you, not the factory

Our team of experts is here to help you every step of the way. When your
development team and sourcing team are one in the same, no detail goes unnoticed. Our team has years of experience in vetting the right factories and advocating for your goals.

Our Manufacturing Process

Factory Auditing + Quoting

Here we evaluate factories based on your specific manufacturing needs. We look at sizing, certification requirements, cleanliness and more. From here we get production quotes and determine the best manufacturing partner(s) for your product.

Klugonyx evaluates factories for your specific needs.

Design for Manufacturing

Here we dive deep into manufacturability and efficiency. We work with factory engineers to make tweaks and adjustments for production optimization. This step works in tandem with Step 3!

Klugonyx designs for efficient manufacturing.

Sampling + QC Building

We’ll go through 3+ rounds of sampling until we reach a Golden Sample. Every issue encountered during this process gives us the opportunity to identify potential production failures and add them to your Quality Control Documentation.

Klugonyx QC and product sampling.

Production + QA / QC

This is it! Production typically takes 30-65 days. Using the QA docs created during sampling, our team inspects production during the beginning, middle and end. You don't pay for the production run unless it passes your Quality Control Standards!

Klugonyx manufacturing equipment.

Logistics Coordination

Once production finishes we help you work through your final pack out, get your pallets onto a container and help you arrange shipping anywhere in the world via ocean or air freight.

Product pallets ready for shipping.
Our Expertise

We have dipped our toes into many different materials. From food grade silicone, to aerospace grade metals, and everywhere in between.

Tradeshow booth.

Whether you’re looking for 3D printing, cut & sew, or injection molding, we’ve got you covered. We pride ourselves on knowing the best ways to bring your idea to life.

Injection molding
Blow molding
Compression molding
Cut and sew
Extrusion molding
Additive manufacturing
Processes Klugonyx follows.

We love becoming experts in all industries. If we haven’t already worked in your industry, we would love to start!

Baby & Toy
Home Goods
Sporting Goods
Health and Wellness
Space Travel
Industries Klugonyx serves.

What's next?

Once your production run is shipped out you are off to the races! And when you are ready to expand your brand offerings we are here to help!

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We approach each project differently based on the industry, materials, target user and budget. A quick call with one of our product development specialists is the best way to understand what's best for your success.

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