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Tyler Green-Cache

Tyler Green-Cache


In this episode of Founder's Field Notes, host Jason Klug sits down with Tyler Green, CEO and Co-Founder of Cache, the company behind the world's first modular tailgate system.
Cora Egolf
April 4, 2023

Tyler shares his entrepreneurial journey, from jumping around different retail jobs to finally landing on an idea that gave him the inspiration to start his own business with his brother Dylan. Listeners will learn about the importance of seeking help from investors, preparing for unexpected challenges, and remaining optimistic as an entrepreneur. Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights from Tyler's field notes and real-life experiences

About Tyler:

Tyler Green is the co-founder of Cache, an outdoor brand that has introduced the world's first modular tailgate system. Tyler and his brother Dillon came up with the idea during a late-night brainstorming session with their late father, Jeff Green, who had theorized the transformation of a tailgate from wasted space into a functional hub. After Jeff passed away unexpectedly, Tyler and Dillon were determined to bring their father's idea to life and honor his legacy. They finalized the design, attained patented status, and partnered with a trusted factory to bring the Basecamp system to market.

Before co-founding Cache, Tyler held various sales and marketing positions in different industries such as footwear, sports apparel, and dental equipment. He worked as a Sales Associate at Snowbird and Sunglass Hut, a Ramp Agent at US Airways, and held internships in broadcast journalism and group sales. He was also a Field Marketing Rep at Oakley and a Key Account Manager at Signature Products Group before becoming a Dental Key Account Manager at Brasseler USA, where he currently works.

Tyler holds an Associates in Communications & Journalism from Central Piedmont Community College, and he has completed a Mini Course on the Art of Public Speaking from Northwestern University. He, alongside his brother Dillon, holds a patent for the Modular Tailgate System, which was granted on May 28, 2019. The Basecamp system includes a locking carabiner to prevent theft and detachable molle webbing interior platform for accessories that can be easily removed. Tyler is dedicated to building and growing Cache and bringing innovative outdoor products to market.

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