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Sofia Opmanis

Sofia Opmanis

The baby brand that got into Nordstrom

Sofia Opmanis, founder of Moss & Fawn, sits down with Jason Klug, Founder and CEO of Klugonyx, to talk about her start as a founder and her journey of making Moss & Fawn the baby brand it is today! Listen in and learn about her journey of how she narrowed in her creative ideas to a single product and made the leap into starting her own brand and business!
Cora Egolf
December 5, 2022

Moss & Fawn’s debut product into the baby market was the Forage Feeder. The Forage Feeder introduced an improved and sustainable way for parents to introduce solids to their babies. The Forage Feeder perfectly combines the elements of safety, environmental consciousness, aesthetic elegance and practicality for everyday use. Along with the Forage Feeder, Sofia has added the Feeder Keeper, Ice Cube Tray, and Linen Drool Bib to her Moss & Fawn brand product assortment.

About Sofia Opmanis:

Sofia is the Founder of Moss & Fawn, a baby brand created with the simple purpose in mind to create products that are durable and grow with your baby. She is always keeping her mind open to the next product to add to the selection and keeps her focus on her goal to provide sustainable products that are eco-friendly and grow with your baby!

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