Project: seaview 180

Client: Wildhorn Outfitters

Capabilities: design // PROTOTYPE FOR MANUFACTURing

CLIENT REQUEST: Existing Full-Face Masks fall short in performance. They fog up, create too much CO2, and can be dangerous. Prove that a higher level of performance is possible.

THE CHALLENGE: Keep ergonomics, comfort and airflow in mind while creating a mask that stands out aesthetically in the marketplace.

THE APPROACH: We worked so closely with Wildhorn that we were referred to as a team extension on design and the engineering. We got to be right by their side during the entire process which made for a killer collaborative relationship.

THE RESULTS: A super cool, full face snorkel mask that enables a more natural breathing experience and eliminates sore jaws, gag reflexes and distractions.

The Seaview 180 elevated the industry standard for full face snorkels through human centered design practices and engineering innovation.

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