Project: Life Drive

Client: Daplie

Capabilities: design // engineering // PROTOTYPing

CLIENT REQUEST: Create a smart way to take our data off of the servers, away from “the man” and back into the hands and homes of the rightful owners.

THE CHALLENGE: Turn the client’s vision of a beautiful device that puts the control and ownership of our data right in the comforts of our own home into a reality. Make it functional, make it high end, make it modern, make it easy to use, and make sure it can hold a growing stack of files.

THE APPROACH: With a deep dive into the tech industry and taking into consideration both design and functionality, we considered all the little details down to the each and every angle, curve, and gap. It had to feel techy, but also unique and be on the cutting edge of home assistant devices.

THE RESULTS: Premium stackable storage that’s durable, beautiful and safe to store precious data. The concept was so well received that it raised over a million dollars with crowdfunding, just based off of the functioning prototype alone.

Fantastic product design and engineering partner that has been nothing but on-time, high quality, and upstanding. Make sure that when you approach Klugonyx you are ready for the big leagues. They will get you ready to grow your product or idea into a business.
— Bryson // Founder & CEO

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