Project: Chew cube

Client: Malarkey Kids

Capabilities: research // design // engineering // manufacturing

CLIENT REQUEST: Create a teether cube with a rattle inside that parents could feel good about and babies would be happy about. Also, make it look super cool and super modern.

THE CHALLENGE: Stick to the client’s vision of a moldable rubber cube that’s easily, and cost-effectively manufactured, and can pass ASTM standards. This was the complete opposite of stealing candy from a baby. But why would you want to do that anyway?

THE APPROACH: We explored styles that stood out while keeping functionality in mind. Research led us to incorporating a black and white cube in the center acknowledging newborn eye development and their ability to only see those colors. We went through a deep dive on the conceptual exploration, honing in on perfection with a very hands-on sample review process.

THE RESULTS: A food-grade silicone cube with a plastic, black and white print rattle and mirrors on the sides that’s now sold and in the small hands of babies all over the world.

Malarkey & Klugonyx continue to collaborate on multiple products, driving innovation and sales within the toy industry, and forging strong relationships with major retailers.

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